Field Notes – January 18, 2015

It’s been raining for days and the wetlands are full of water. The area west of the main house is flooded. This morning two lonely mallards occupied the pond. They have been recruiting more – I counted 7 ducks swimming around while having lunch with Dad.

I’ve also spotted a sparrow hawk and a marsh hawk hunting over the field.

The sun breaks through intermittently and east of the property a rainbow arches over the giant mound in the neighbors field.

Field Notes – March 1, 2012

Snow in the early morning

A bald eagle flies over the house. The kestrel and the marsh hawk are out almost every day. Flocks of yellow finches around the house flying from the watercress pond to the birch tree. Resident blue jays play with the cats. Flocks of swifts or small swallows flying around the house into the oaks from one side to the other making beautiful patterns as they fly together and the lights catches on the tilt of their wings. Frogs loudly singing, singing loudly.